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Crepeaway is fast casual crepe concept that provides a modern twist to a french classic.

We are serving up breakfast, lunch, dinner, & dessert during all hours of operation & our made to order crepes are guaranteed to make you dance the night away (just please take off your high heels).

Please leave the forks & knives in Paris! Our crepes are placed into little cones and are easy to dig into with your hands!

Don't feel like dancing today? No problem. One of our handsome delivery boys can bring Crepeaway to you in between the hours of 1130am-1130pm. A less attractive driver from ubereats or postmates can bring Crepeaway to you during all other hours of operation!

Having a party? Crepeaway catering will be happy to come to your home, office, or school to set up shop & make crepes for your guests in seconds. Please visit our catering page!

Need money? Don't we all!! Have your fundraiser @ Crepeaway & generate funding for your charity or organization. Please visit our fundraiser page!

Questions or comments? Please visit our contact page!

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